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Async Racing

Driving Jogos criado por Ben Olding(23 Nov 2009)


Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9j5xrWK63c

An asynchronous multiplayer motor racing game.

Race against your friends over the internet, but at your own leisure!

- Play as a guest, or login via Facebook or Gamersafe to allow you to challenge your friends
and unlock other features
- Work your way up through the ranks to veteran by racing in various championships
- Create your own track and share it with the world, if its good then you may even have it featured in the user championships
- Customise your car and horn
- Play leaderboard mode to see the all time, monthly, weekly and daily records, then try and beat them!
- Try to unlock all the achievements and use the Gamerpoints to buy extra game content!


Você receberá uma instrução enquanto joga.
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